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ND Tackle Carp Fishing K9s Bite Alarm Set LED + Smart Bivvy Light Pro

ND Tackle Carp Fishing K9s Bite Alarm Set LED + Smart Bivvy Light Pro
ND Tackle Carp Fishing K9s Bite Alarm Set LED + Smart Bivvy Light Pro
ND Tackle Carp Fishing K9s Bite Alarm Set LED + Smart Bivvy Light Pro

ND Tackle Carp Fishing K9s Bite Alarm Set LED + Smart Bivvy Light Pro

ND Tackle Carp Fishing K9s Bite Alarm Set LED + Smart Bivvy Light Pro. K9s and Bivvy Light Pro Bundle.

The K9s has everything that makes a modern bite indicator. It is always in the so-called remote-control mode, where all settings can be made conveniently from the receiver.

A visual highlight is the multi-colour Halo Nightlight and the free choice of five colours (red, green, blue, yellow, turquoise, white). All bite indicators can also be operated with identical colours. If the nightlight is too much of a good thing, you can simply switch on the snag ear lighting permanently via the receiver. The Snag Ears are included with every set and can optionally be screwed on. Here, too, there is maximum flexibility.

The radio range of the K9 has been increased compared to its predecessor, it now relies on a combination of its own antenna and additional contact to the bank stick thread. This means that 120 meters are always guaranteed and, when in contact with a medium, significantly more than 200 meters are possible. It shows that the K9s is smart with the wide range of connection options to the accessory devices. It is fully compatible with our latest wireless standard and can interact with the Bivvy Light Pro, the H9pro headtorch, the H10 headtorch, the Smart Band B9, the Air Light Sounder and the TH9s theft alarm.

For example, it can automatically switch on the headtorch and the bivvy light in the event of a bite. Anyone who has experienced this once does not want anything else. The receiver is different than most other receivers. With its display it guides you comfortably through the menu and shows the most important settings immediately. Five bite indicators and 4 TH9s anti-theft alarms can be registered on the receiver, which then also output the alarm on the receiver.

The Bivvy light pro connects to our S9, K9s, N1 and BEA bite indicators and lights up when you have a run. The light glows in the colour of the channel the bite indicator have registered on, so you can see directly where the action is. You can connect more than one light to your alarm, so it's possible to have one light in your bivvy and another light on your rod setup that illuminates your rods when a bite indication is given. Because the Bivvy Light works in our Smart Link system, it can be turned on and off from your wrist with the Smart Band or Smart Bite Watch.

No need to search for a remote control, the remote is on your wrist. It means so much comfort to be able to turn the light on or off from your sleeping bag at the touch of a button. The Bivvy Light Pro can also be paired with the TH9s anti-theft alarm. When motion is detected, the Bivvy Light will always glow purple. So, you will know by the colour of the light that a movement has been detected.

This works like a silent alarm. Our Bivvy Light Pro wouldn't be smart if there wasn't a free app that allows you to control all the functions via your smartphone. The app even offers additional functions such as colour mixing and stepless dimming.

Thanks to the 5,200mAh battery, the light lasts for a long time, but when dimmed down, the efficiency can be increased enormously so that it can shine for over 7 nights in a row in continuous operation. It also makes a good position light outside the bivvy. Thanks to splash water protection, it can withstand use in front of the bivvy without any problems.

A sturdy hard case, a gooseneck bank stick adapter and a magnetic mounting plate are included. There are hardly any limits to the mounting options. Whether on a bank stick, on the bivvy wall or on metallic surfaces, it always finds its place. When it gets dark, the Halo Night Light shows its most beautiful side. There are five colors to choose from. The crisp display provides you with information and is also used for menu navigation. It even shows whether the line is being pulled forwards or backwards (drop back bite).

The Lighthouse Snag Ears can optionally be screwed on. The lighting can be switched on via the receiver.

The front cover protects your bite alarms during transport on the rod pod or bank stick. There is space for up to four bite indicators well-padded in the hard EVA bag. ND Smart System which offers an incredible connectivity: Let the bite alarm switch on your headtorch and bivvy light. Compatible to H10 headtorch, H9pro headtorch, Bivvy Light Pro, Smart Band B9, TH9s Anti-Theft Alarm, Air Light Sounder. Illuminated roller wheel and different tone at drop back bite indication. 30 seconds mute mode - mute Mode can be used when adjusting your fishing line. Free Bite Alarm App for Android and iOS. Remote Control of the bite alarms via the receiver or app. Links to ND Tackle Smart Bite indicator system. Will light up on a bite indication. S9, K9s, N1 and BEA bite alarms as well as the ND dongles.

Each bite alarm can be registered on a different color. Five color channels for bite alarms: red, green, blue, yellow, white. Can be switched on/off from your wrist with the Smart Bite Watch or Smart Band B9.

Can be paired with our TH9s anti-theft alarm. Will light up when a motion is detected. Control the Bivvy Light via an App. Mix your color, dim the light, switch on/off and more. Bright white: 9-10 hours, dimmed white: 100 hours. Colour mode: 9-10 hours undimmed, and 100 hours dimmed. Your light will work fine in the rain. The body and battery compartment are individually sealed, and a rubber cover protects the charging port. 5200mAh Lithium battery recharges in just 3 hours with 2A adapter (not included). Comes with super solid hard case, bank stick-gooseneck adapter, adsorption plate to mount on a bivvy wall and micro-USB cable.
ND Tackle Carp Fishing K9s Bite Alarm Set LED + Smart Bivvy Light Pro