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PVA MESH NARROW 25mm Tube Bait Plunger Refills Make Stocking Carp Boilie Mix Bag

PVA MESH NARROW 25mm Tube Bait Plunger Refills Make Stocking Carp Boilie Mix Bag

PVA MESH NARROW 25mm Tube Bait Plunger Refills Make Stocking Carp Boilie Mix Bag

This listing is for 25mm Narrow PVA Mesh Top Band Brown. The refills and the tubes comes in 5 Metre Lengths. The refills are packaged in a grip seal bag for easy use. You will get a nice Tight fit ideal for use with the Narrow ended Plungers. The Tube selections on this listing come with a Quality Double Ended Plunger Inside which has 15mm one end and 25mm on the opposite end.

Mesh fits tightly on a 25mm outer diameter tube and is ideal for use with narrow plungers. Unique elasticated top band (allows multiple tube fit & keeps mesh tidy & from sliding off the top of tube). Can make small bags- sticks. Oil based attractor liquids can be used in mesh.

Sink quickly down to the bottom. Quick to load & tie. Best pva yarn available used. Unique Westmore special pva developed stitch structure. We love to see what you have caught using your Westmore PVA Mesh. We Knit This PVA Mesh in Leicestershire England out of the Very Best Spun PVA yarn available.

After many discussions with yarn suppliers We have been able to find a PVA yarn that fully dissolves in all waters and can be used all year round. The Spun PVA is a new yarn that we have added to our range. The PVA Yarn will try to shrink into a very tight tube when put into the water. When your bait is inside it will try to shrink into the tight tube but will be unable to do this. The water then works on it until your bag explodes.

This mesh can be used with maggots boilies small pellets etc, Ground Bait can also be used if mixed with an Oil Based Attractor. This product has been used & carefully tested by many experienced anglers who are really satisfied with the results.

A UNIQUE elasticated band has been knitted into the mesh right at the very top. This elasticated band is a Unique idea and enables this mesh to be used on different sized tubes. The Elasticated knitted band will stop the mesh sliding up the tubes and keeps everything very tidy and well finished. EACH OF MY PRODUCTS HAS IT`S OWN TOP BAND COLOUR this one being TOP BAND BROWN. The mesh bags can be tied tight.

They will sink quickly and explode in around 8-30 seconds in the warmer months depending on the water and water temperature. How you use the mesh is up to you and your skill as an angler. We have tied the tightly packed oil based groundbait mix stick the one below the 4 x boilies in the picture as explained below. Fill the tube from the elasticated top end to level required (push end of tube into grondbait mix works well to get oil based mix inside tube).

Now put your hand over bottom of tube & compress the bait tight with a narrow ended plunger (the bait is now compacted tight inside the plastic tube). Now push the compacted stick out of the tube into the mesh. Once the bait stick has cleared bottom of the tube pinch and twist the mesh to keep a tight bag for knotting. Use pva tape or string to tie off bag or tie a double knot and then cut in between the 2 knots to leave your finished bag and the tube ready knotted for the next bag to be made.

To use the double knot method the first knot is pulled tight up to the bait and then a second knot is tied into the mesh leaving a small space in between the two knots to cut off.

PVA MESH NARROW 25mm Tube Bait Plunger Refills Make Stocking Carp Boilie Mix Bag